Old People Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment For Seniors

As the body begins to age it becomes an important task to remain active and healthy. While the muscles and bones become weaker, it is still very possible for seniors to be able to stay active and continue to do the things they enjoy most. However, a large amount of seniors suffer from chronic pain along with other types of issues that causes the body to deteriorate as time goes by. Luckily, chiropractic treatment and care offers many benefits when it comes to the elderly.

Typically, the elderly are not always open to receiving chiropractic treatment that involves manipulating the spine due to sensitivity, pain and fear of the unknown. However, chiropractic care aimed at seniors involves treating these patients’ sensitive needs in an effective and safe manner. The initial step for these treatments would be an examination of the patient’s spine to locate any of the vertebra’s that may be misaligned. Misaligned vertebrae known as subluxations often lead to a variety of issues that includes pain from misalignment’s and an issue in the immune system due to nerve blockages.  Please visit the website for pocatello chiropractor for more information.

Seniors that struggle with a decrease in mobility can really benefit from chiropractic treatments, as this approach has been said to assist in restoring this deficit. The results for mobility will obviously vary from one patient to the next, in association to the individual needs of each patient. In some cases, patients have found that they may be able to bend down or over again or participate in tasks such gardening, or playing with their grand children. Others have stated that they are able to participate in sports again such as golf or light exercise classes. These minor improvements often result in a significant overall increase in quality of the patient’s life.

Chiropractic Treatment


For senior citizens who have been affected with severe mobility problems, chiropractic treatment plans can assist in regaining strength using a combination of physical and chiropractic therapy. Seniors who suffer from coordination and balance problems are often derived from degenerative changes that occur in the neck area (cervical spine) or from a previous injury can also benefit from chiropractic care. Various studies suggest that these treatment plans assist in restoring decreased coordination in the way of stimulating the joint receptors found in the area of the neck. This type of stimulation assists in normalizing the functions of the joint receptors that are responsible for controlling coordination and balance.

Over and above the above mentioned issues, seniors often find that chiropractic care offers relief in avoiding additional medication or care, for decreased energy and a variation of chronic pain issues. Recent studies have proven that the percentage of the seniors that received chiropractic treatments were able to remain living in their own homes for a far longer period of time compared to the seniors with no care.
Chiropractic treatments and care are viewed as an effective as well as safe method for the elderly to remain independent, active and healthy. Seniors should be educated on the profound benefits of this type of care.